Project: Lakehouse
Project Type: Interior Work
Location: Vierwaldstättersee, LU
Realisation: 2019
Client: Private
Job: Interior Work and Furnishing / restoration exterior
Services: Interior Design
Design, Execution planning, Construction management

Interior Work Lakehouse Vierwaldstättersee

A one hundred years old pavilion, hidden at the shores of Lake Lucerne, is restored with great respect. New windows were installed, using drawn sheet glass. The interior plays with maritime elements in shapes, materials and colors still respecting the fact that the sea is 500 kms away. The interior design of the small lake pavilion offers a maximum of functionality. A kitchen and a small bathroom were installed. Traditional cement tiles set the stage for classique wood furniture; the lamps remind of the pleasures of boating. A local artist made the fish decoration on the wall.

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