Project: Roving Bushtops
Project Type: Safaricamp
Location: Serengeti, Tansania
Realisation: 2015
Client: Orion Hotels, Bushtops Collection, Kenia
Job: Planning of a mobile Safari Camp
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Design, Execution planning, Construction management, Furnishings

Safaricamp Roving Bushtops Serengeti, Tansania

Mobile luxury in the Serengeti

The concept of this mobile safari camp, designed by the Andrin Schweizer Company from the ground up, is based on standardized transport containers that can be pulled by standard 4x4 safari jeeps. By opening three side walls of the container, an almost 100m2 platform is created over which a tent roof is stretched. The suites are equipped with all the comforts of a luxurious hotel room that you would not expect in a mobile safari camp in the middle of the African bush: a full king-size bed, minibar, a spacious bathroom, separate toilet with flushing water, a rain shower with an undisturbed view of the savannah – and, as a highlight, an outdoor hot tub. This is camping in its most luxurious form.

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