Project: Handeck
Project Type: Hotel
Location: Guttannen, BE
Realisation: 2005 - 2007
Client: KWO, Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG
Job: Reorganization of different hotel buildings
Services: Interior Design
Design, Execution planning

Hotel Handeck Guttannen, BE

Family-friendly nature resort on the Grimsel Passstrasse

The Hotel Handeck lies a little bit back from the Grimsel-Passstrasse on an alpine meadow. The various buildings belonging to the complex were renovated in stages and over several years. In the main house, the halls on the first floor were converted and the rooms were gently renovated. In the chalet, the rooms have also been renovated and some newly furnished. The neighboring stone house, a former staff house, was completely hollowed out and rebuilt. Twelve modern and atmospheric rooms were created.

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