Project: Château Gütsch
Project Type: Hotel
Location: Luzern, LU
Draft: 2009
Client: Château Gütsch Immobilien AG
Job: Design of two different room types
Services: Interior Design

Hotel Château Gütsch Luzern, LU

How to continue with the landmark of Lucerne?

The Lucerne architecture firm Marques has designed a reserved, yet strong, new building. This heavy, stone base construction stands in stark contrast to the light, airy castle from the 19th century. This will create two worlds on Lucerne's local mountain. Although they share a function, these two worlds could not be more different in their architecture and appearance. On the one hand, there is the white, playful castle with its turrets and battlements. On the other hand, there is the heavy, strict base construction, which is intentionally subdued in order to glorify the mythical castle even more. For these two worlds, the key task was to develop an adequate interior design language.

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