Restaurant Terminal B, Biel, BE

The canteen becomes a restaurant

A restaurant, which functions both as a cafeteria for the students and as a restaurant for external visitors, was built in the new building of the BFB vocational school in Biel. The room was divided into three areas: a lounge area by the window with a view of Robert Walser Platz, a classic bistro area with flexibly combinable two-seater tables and a bar area with a large bar that runs parallel to the open kitchen. The color yellow, which is used as a signature color of the entire school complex, was recorded and contrasted with strong colors such as violet, green, blue or pink in curtains and upholstery covers.

Project: Terminal B
Project Type: Restaurant
Location: Biel, BE
Realisation: 2008
Client: BFB, Schule Bildung Format, Biel
Job: Redesign of a student canteen
Services: Interiror Design
Design, Execution planning, Construction management