Exhibition pavillon Expo.02 Manna, Arteplage Neuchatel

Manna was developed for the Arteplage Neuchâtel at Expo ’02. The pavilion on the subject of eating and drinking between organic and design is a discussion of questions about nutrition, our consumption behavior and the contrast between today's food production.

Manna is a symbol of a supposed land of milk and honey. A huge pudding rises over the expo area, visible from afar. Twenty-one air-filled inflatables with a height of 15m surround a self-contained interior: a perfect, enchanted world. In order to get inside, visitors slip between the inflatables, eating their way through the pudding into the land of milk and honey. This feeling is enhanced by the smell of vanilla and loud smacking. Inside, visitors can expect a landscape full of surprises. Playing with elements of nature and artificiality leads to complete irritation. In the open air, encircled by the sky-blue inflatables painted on the inside, a garden was created that appeals to all the senses through shapes, colors, scents, tones, materials and images.

Project: Manna
Project Type: Exhibition pavillon Expo.02
Location: Arteplage Neuchatel
Realisation: 2002
Client: Coop Schweiz
Job: Desing and Planning of an exhibition pavillon
Services: Architecture, Szenography
Design, Execution planning
in cooperation with Ralph Meury