Exhibition Guided Tour Kraftwerk Handeck, Guttannen, BE

Guided tour of Handeck

The Handeck 1 power station on the Grimsel Pass was built between 1925 and 1932 and symbolizes the pioneering spirit with which people conquered the Alps. The technology from back then still works perfectly today, a relic from the days when electricity was not a matter of course. The power plant has been open to the public since 2009. On a guided tour through machine halls, caverns hewn out of rock and a machinist's apartment, visitors experience the conditions under which the power plant employees lived and worked at the time. Scenographically furnished living and working spaces in the style of the 1930s give the narratives of the visitor guide the appropriate background. Abstract white cubes serve as contact points at various locations in the power plant and illustrate what is heard with diagrams and images.

Project: Guided Tour Kraftwerk Handeck
Project Type: Exhibition
Location: Guttannen, BE
Realisation: 2009
Client: KWO, Kraftwerke Oberhasli
Job: Design of a guided tour for visitors
Services: Szenography
Design, Execution planning, Construction management
in cooperation with Caroline Schmidt