Project: Exhibition WWF – A Biography
Project Type: temporary exhibition
Location: Landesmuseum
Realisation: 2011
Client: Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zürich, ZH
Job: Design of an exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the WWF
Services: Szenography
Design, Execution planning, Construction management
in cooperation with Meury Architektur, Zürich & Büro 4, Zürich

temporary exhibition WWF – A Biography Zurich, ZH

Scenographically staged rooms represent people's living space. They form the main focus of the exhibition and tell of milestones in the history of the WWF. The untamed, naturally grown living space of the animals is contrasted with these built, planned, geometric spaces. The exhibition design moves in the area of ​​tension between nature and culture, between natural and man-made living space.

The second part of the exhibition deals with today's areas of responsibility of the WWF. The so-called “footprint” garden sensually and tangibly addresses how people deal with water, soil, raw materials and energy. The world of allotment gardens serves as a scenic background.

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