construction of three condominiums Überbauung Frame, Wollerau, SZ

Luxurious condominiums over Lake Zurich

On one of the last plots of land with an unobstructed view of the lake in Wollerau, three luxury condominiums were built in a terrace house. Architecturally, the building was divided into three different structures. These move against each other in their flight to the lake. This creates attractive jumps. The middle structure is set back the farthest but is continued in a pergola that extends across the entire depth of the terrace. The two side structures are rather closed volumes in which individual windows are embedded, while the middle structure in between is completely glazed on its front sides. This results in different qualities of views of the lake – open, wide and clearly defined by windows. In the external appearance, there are horizontal bands made of exposed concrete that illustrate the boundaries of the individual levels and, at the same time, form the pergolas. Between the bands, the outer walls are clad with natural stone.

Project: Condominiums Frame
Project Type: construction of three condominiums
Location: Wollerau, SZ
Realisation: 2011
Client: Concept Generalunternehmung, Pfäffikon
Job: Design of three upmarket condominiums
Services: Architecture