Project: Steirereck
Project Type: Restaurant
Location: Wien, Austria
Draft: 2012
Client: Restaurant Steirereck, Wien
Job: Redesign of the entire restaurant
Services: Interiror Design

Restaurant Steirereck Wien, Austria

Make the park palpable

An important intention of this competition design for the award-winning gourmet restaurant in the city park of Vienna was to bring the park inside through a kind of graphic symbolism. Three views of the park were assigned to the three floors of the house. On the ground floor, one can see the foliage of the trees in the park. On the upper floor it's a lookout over the trees into the sky above the park, and on the lower floor a look deep into the earth to the roots of the trees. This graphic imagery forms a key theme for all the rooms of the house; it connects them with each other and with the park around the Steirereck.

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