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AndrinSchweizerCompany Seidenhof 110 Seidenhof Superior Doppelzimmer Kitchnette 7
Aug 29, 2022

Sorell Hotel Seidenhof: From tradition to future

After a sensitive renovation, the Sorell Hotel "Seidenhof" in Zurich lives up to its name: It presents itself in the light of Zurich's great silk manufacturing and silk trading tradition. The Andrin Schweizer Company team was responsible for the comprehensive redesign of the house, which reconciled the facade and the interior.

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106 Sorell Hotel St.Peter Grand Deluxe Room 203 6
Oct 8, 2020

Sorell Hotel St. Peter: A garden-hotel-concept for the center of Zurich

The architect Andrin Schweizer designed a hotel in the busy center of Zurich, where the idea of a cozy inner courtyard runs like a green thread through the entire building. Why do guests immediately feel at home here? The secret of Sorell Hotel St. Peter lies in the combination of uncompromising coziness, a lot of cheerful individuality, and a fine touch of eighties design.

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Andrin Schweizer 277 5th Ave WEB 35 preview
Apr 27, 2020

A 52nd Floor Penthouse Apartment That Rises Above

Swiss Architect and Designer Andrin Schweizer created a large family holiday apartment on 5th Avenue. „It says New York in every square inch“, a friend of the owner states. A nest for their family was what the owners of this 277 Fifth Avenue condominium were seeking. Whenever the couple, their children or the entire (large) family were to spend time in New York City they wanted a place where everyone could come together. When the apartments in the new 663 feet condominium tower were put on the market, they decided to acquire the entire 52nd floor and turn it into a temporary residence. The apartment, designed by Zurich-based Architect and Designer Andrin Schweizer now consists of three bedrooms, a guest room with a murphy bed, a media room with a sofa bed and a wet bar, a large combined dining and living room, a kitchen as well as a 167 sq ft terrace. All bedrooms offer private bathrooms and walk-in closets. The undoubted centerpiece of this penthouse apartment is its large living room – bearing the name ‘Celestial Room’ – with its double height ceiling. Here, almost literally, only the sky is the limit. A custom-made table offers seating for twelve; Andrin Schweizer designed it himself. The fireplace and a cozy but elegant living area give room to dream while enjoying an observational view of Lower Manhattan, to experience a feeling of freedom and of endless possibilities – in short: The ‘New York Spirit’. In order not to distract from these views but rather frame them, the interior design was kept elegant and unobtrusive. At nighttime, warm, carefully directed lights create an exquisite atmosphere – so not to compete with the city’s lights that set
the stage.

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Andrin Schweizer Acasa Suites HeadboardDetail2
Dec 4, 2017

Acasa Suites Zurich Oerlikon: A temporary home

Big suites with one or two bedrooms, a real dinner table and a fully equiped kitchen, a spacious bathroom with tub – this just can't be a business hotel: Andrin Schweizer designed rooms for the Acasa Hotel in Zurich Oerlikon that measure up to the needs of Long-Stay-Guests.


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Andrin Schweizer Penthouse Andermatt0915 1
Jun 1, 2017

The mountain penthouse

So here's a dream that has come true: A family from the north of Europe wanted to call an elegant location for their holidays in Andermatt their own. They thought of a spacious but still cozy place – and be a tribute to the sometimes rough nature in the canton of Uri. Andrin Schweizer created a penthouse that meets all expectations.

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Roving Bushtops 2016 108.1
May 13, 2016

Mobile Luxus-Suites to discover the Serengeti

A special adventure: Andrin Schweizer designed a completely novel Safari-Camp for the Serengeti. It consists of six trailers that – once unfolded – offer a maximum of comfort and luxury in the middle of the savanna.

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A.Schweizer 2014.12.0418586
May 10, 2016

Simple but elegant: A holiday apartment in Davos

Andrin Schweizer's clients wanted to spend their holidays in the mountains in a place that was individually conceived for them. So the Zurich based architect designed an apartment with authentic, regional materials, treated with traditional techniques. The result is a cozy but yet elegant home for the best time of the year.


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A Schweizer Klosters WohnungF. 0318269
May 9, 2016

An elegant time in the countryside: Holiday apartment in Klosters

A family wished for a place to relax in the countryside – with the Alps just outside and real alpine cozyness inside. Andrin Schweizer designed an apartment that says new alpine chic – and that offers a feelgood place for every member of the family.

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A.Schweizer Davos V8B6090
Apr 27, 2016

No alpine kitsch, but pure coziness : Holiday Apartment in Davos

The clients bought an apartment in a rather unspectacular newly built condominium in Davos. Seeking for an interior design that is cozy but far from alpine kitsch, they commissioned Andrin Schweizer to design and furnish their personal holiday dream in Grisons.

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