Architekt ETH

Born and raised in the city of Zurich, Cyrill Andreska completed his Master's degree at ETH Zurich in 2011. In search of his family roots, he then moved to Mexico and worked as an architect in Guadalajara before joining the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2014. Since then, he has realized a large number of projects in Switzerland and abroad.


Dipl. Ing. Innenarchitektin

She is a trained carpenter and qualified interior designer from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich: Janice Baumann has been contributing her experience to Andrin Schweizer's team since 2023. She previously worked for various Zurich offices in product and exhibition design, hotel furnishings and the fit-out of luxury apartments.


BA Industrial Design ZFH

As a qualified product and industrial designer, Jasmin Bertschin has always been fascinated by the shape of products - and increasingly by the environment in which these products find their place. This is how she found her way into the design of entire rooms and, after working in various interior design offices, has been a member of the Andrin Schweizer Company team since 2021.


Architektin FH

After studying architecture at Winterthur University of Applied Sciences, Denise Krukenberg, who trained as a structural draughtswoman, went straight into interior design - because she found this world more exciting, fast-paced and colorful. Then came five very instructive years as a freelance architect. In mid-2021, however, her love of well-designed spaces won the upper hand and she joined Andrin Schweizer Company.


Dipl. Innenarchitektin FH

Sophie Landis discovered her interest in the effect of spaces - and in the variety of shapes and colors - during her apprenticeship as a draftswoman specializing in architecture. She pursued this curiosity further in interior design offices in the Zurich area before her path led her to study for a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in Lucerne. She then became part of the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2023.


Dipl. Innenarchitektin FH

Interior designer Barbara Navonne loves it when imagination meets functionality, when new worlds are created from shapes, colors and textures. Having grown up in Buenos Aires, among other places, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from SUPSI Lugano. After several years working on hotel projects in Zurich offices, she joined the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2020.


Dipl. Innenarchitekt HF

Dominik Schneider originally completed a carpentry apprenticeship. In 2014, he successfully completed further training as a qualified interior designer HF. After graduating, Dominik worked in various offices as an interior designer before joining the Andrin Schweizer Company in 2016. He prefers to develop user-friendly, well-rounded concepts for spaces.


Dipl. Innenarchitekt FH

Manuel Schuppissser was interested in good design, craftsmanship and architecture from an early age. After completing an apprenticeship as a draughtsman specializing in architecture, he went on to study interior design at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 2020. After gaining further professional experience in the Zurich area, he has been part of the Andrin Schweizer Company team since 2021.


Dipl. Innenarchitektin HF

Whether traveling, in restaurants or shopping, Chantal Siegenthaler's first glance has always been at the four walls she enters. As a career changer, she completed her studies to become a qualified interior designer HF while working. During and after this, she worked in various interior design offices; she has been part of the Andrin Schweizer Company team since 2017.



After being trained in 3D-Design / Polydesign and a specialization in lettering, Fabian Stacoff specialized as a graphic designer. He opened his own studio in 2003 and developed illustrations, ornamental designs, graphics in space, signage and logos for different clients – also for Andrin Schweizer Company. Since 2022 he is part of our team on a permanent basis.


Designerin FH

Textile designer Patricia Wicky graduated from the Lucerne School of Art and Design and has been self-employed since 2004; her work focuses on ornamentation in all its splendor and diversity. Patricia Wicky also teaches at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She has been working as a freelance designer in the Andrin Schweizer Company team since 2015.


M. A. Interior Design

Christoph Willems decided to train as a carpenter in Tübingen out of a passion for the craft. He then went on to study interior design in Kaiserslautern. Since completing his Master's degree, he has been working in his adopted home of Switzerland. After gaining experience in two Lucerne-based companies in the fields of interior design and shopfitting, Christoph joined Andrin Schweizer's team in 2018.