Project: Jura World of Coffee
Project Type: Exhibition
Location: Niederbuchsiten, SO
Realisation: 2006
Client: Jura Elektroapparate AG
Job: Content development and design of an exhibition
Services: Szenography
Content developement, Design, Execution planning, Construction management

Exhibition Jura World of Coffee Niederbuchsiten, SO

In addition to the café, roaster, training rooms and Jura flagship store, the interactive exhibition is the heart of the “Jura World of Coffee”, also designed by the Andrin Schweizer Company. For a coffee machine producer, coffee itself is an absolutely central issue. Coffee has become a lifestyle product in recent decades and has undergone a fundamental change from the drink of older women to the lifestyle product for young urban people. The Jura philosophy and its machines fit perfectly with this new image. Based on this, we have developed an exhibition for the “Jura World of Coffee”, which makes it possible to experience the culture of coffee in all its exciting facets. The adventure exhibition takes visitors into a magical and poetic world. A world in which the big secret behind the Jura coffee machines is, surprisingly, revealed a little. A world in which the technical innards of a coffee machine suddenly face the cultural history of coffee. A world in which the passion for this unique drink can be felt in every detail.

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