constructionof a new visitor center Jura World of Coffee, Niederbuchsiten, SO

An architectural solitaire communicates the values ​​of the brand

The «Jura World of Coffee» makes the culture and philosophy of the Jura brand three-dimensional and can be experienced with all senses, also offering the ideal platform for communicating with customers or interested guests independently of a conventional product presentation. A structure was developed that, on the one hand, derives from its close proximity to the Jura headquarters and blends in with the industrial surroundings, but, on the other hand, is free from the surrounding buildings and is perceived as a clearly designed solitaire. The elongated building is parallel to the A1 motorway at a right angle to the Jura service factory. The distance from the factory site allows for a generous design of the space in between. In order to achieve the desired effect of a solitaire, a second, uniform layer was placed in front of the outer facade, which is designed as lightweight construction, extending over the entire surface, i.e. also over the windows. This “curtain” almost completely surrounds the building and gives it a strong, unmistakable character. The curtain only rises on the south facade and offers insights into the large entrance hall.

Project: Jura World of Coffee
Project Type: constructionof a new visitor center
Location: Niederbuchsiten, SO
Realisation: 2006
Client: Jura Elektroapparate AG
Job: Planning of a new visitor center
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Szenography
Concept, Execution planning, construction management