store design Schild Falkenplatz, Lucerne, LU

Reorientation of a fashion chain

The aim of this invited competition was to reposition Schild on the market by redesigning a branch. A comprehensive reorientation in the floor plan layout was proposed. Customers could not be welcomed by the large, clear area that has been customary in the Schild branches until now, but by a number of smaller, manageable and more easily perceivable rooms. Homely and emotional staging should slow down and increase the length of stay for customers. The interior design should support this principle. Style elements from different times should be deliberately mixed. In addition to the very strict and traditional division of space, in addition to antique merchandise supports such as tables, chests of drawers or cupboards, there are also modern cubic high-gloss merchandise supports or design elements that are reminiscent of the 1950s or 1960s. Times blur into a harmonious and timeless whole that will not go out of fashion in five to six years. At the same time, the history of the company can be felt.


Project: Schild Falkenplatz
Project Type: store design
Location: Lucerne, LU
Planning: 2009
Client: Schild, AG
Job: Design of a store (not executed)
Services: Interior Design