Einrichtung Privatwohnung Wohnung Enge, Zürich, ZH

The home of a hunter and gatherer

This apartment is the home of a passionate art collector although he likes to call himself a hunter and gatherer. His passion for collecting things is not limited to art alone, but includes books, silverware, glasses, and exotic and ancient artifacts. Over the years, an impressive collection of objects from a wide variety of cultures and time spans has emerged: valuable Asian bronze and stone sculptures, African masks, European handicrafts and designer pieces. Each item in itself would actually take up a great deal of space to exert its effect. In their interplay, all the pictures, sculptures, vases, masks, figurines, and so on work as an eclectic total work of art that has an engaging charm.

The task: Create a home for this total work of art and its creator.

Project: Wohnung Enge
Project Type: Einrichtung Privatwohnung
Location: Zürich, ZH
Realisation: 2010
Job: Interior Design of a private residence
Services: Interior Design