Restaurant Azzurro, Zürich, ZH

A moment of holiday feeling on the Mediterranean

Azzurro is the color of the sea and the sky. The very word brings back memories of carefree vacation days by the sea. Hand-painted tiles from Vietri, atmospheric pictures of the Mediterranean, room-separating shelves equipped with carefully selected and arranged decorative elements, a suspended ceiling made of hemp rope as a modern interpretation of the pergola – this combination creates a modern and contemporary interior design. And it evokes nostalgic feelings of optimistic and carefree summers in Italy during the fifties.

Project: Restaurant Azzurro
Project Type: Restaurant
Location: Zürich, ZH
Realisation: 2011
Client: Messe Schweiz AG, SV Group AG
Job: Design of a service restaurant at the Zurich Exhibition Center with 240 seats.
Services: Interior Design
Design, Execution planning, Construction management